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or: “I’m no LARP for just one night!”




The idea behind “ONE NIGHT DRAMA” is to play just one short DRAMA GAME or MiniLARP. With events like Workshops, the DRAMA GAME FESTIVAL, “it’s full of larps” or similar forms you often have to spend several days to join. With “ONE NIGHT DRAMA” you just need one evening of time (kind of “in between – game”).


The idea is to meet once a month at 19 p.m., have a pizza together and then start the DRAMA GAME. Afterwards there will be a debriefing about the experiences during the game. Ending will be around 23 p.m. (this may vary, depending on the actual game).


Each Game-evening will have a motto with a DRAMA GAME or MiniLarp fitting to it. We would welcome motto-suggestions by the participants as well.


The minimum age of the participants is 16 years. Participation-Fee is 5 € (drinks included). The pizza will be ordered and paid together (cost-sharing). Reservation in advance would be nice, but spontaneous appearing guests are also welcome.


For now, the games will be in played in german – but if you’d like to play a ONE NIGHT DRAMA in english, just give us a quick note:

Contact us!